Crime Comedy |Director/Producer/Editor

This web-series is a dramatic comedy that is inspired by real-life events and based on true stories. The plot is on a particular con-artist in Nairobi and a group of 4 friends who try to plot ways of getting the culprit to pay for her crimes, but the story weaves them through different obstacles such as corruption, false hopes and even death threats.


Available on YouTube Channel - Janjaruka Series

Just In


Comedy Series |Director/Producer/Editor

Here's a tv comedy series that exposes the world behind the news, the news anchors and the drama they face interacting with each other. Filmed locally in Kenya with the best cast and crew combo the country has to offer, it promises to be a big laugh, an interesting drama and all round entertainment.


Currently negotiating the sale of the second series to Kwese Prime, South Africa.



Short Film |Director/Producer/Writer/Editor

After a successful shoot in Bristol, UK in the months of August and September 2015, the short film "Squeaky Bike" is finally ready for the world!

Launching on the 10th of September 2016 at the Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol, this is a story of a man who finds himself at the mercy of a very old and dilapidated bike that carries the power to change the fate of those he rides past. 



Educational Film |Director

Filmed in Nyahururu, Kenya, in April-May 2015. Released in 2016. Won 3 International Awards*


A fictional story about a girl that has Cerebral Palsy who faces rejection when she goes to live with her poor aunt and uncle in a village where disability is believed to be a curse!

Inspired by real events and true stories, the film aims to raise awareness on disability in Kenya.

All In
A Day


MMOF FILM|Director/Writer
Between 2014 and 2015, we made some local TV films commissioned by the Maisha Magic Original Films franchise.

"All In A Day" is a story about a matatu tout that has everything that could possibly go wrong for him happening all in one day! I wrote, directed and co-Produced under Historia Films Productions Company.




AMOF FILM|Director/Editor

"Flowers And Bricks" is a story about a man who's trying to build a house for himself and his wife amdist a lot of struggle and challenges that he faces, testing his love and his resilience. I directed and co-Produced under Historia Films Productions Company for the Africa Magic Original Films franchise in 2014.


Just a sample of my work. To see more and watch videos, visit my Channel>>


KEN: +254 720833691

UK: +44 7851434138

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